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U.S. Real Estate Investment Opportunities

We are pleased to announce a new division of Gitras that will specialize in the offerings of U.S. investment properties. We are united with a first rate management firm that will supply any needed requirements for your portfolio.

This division will help interested parties acquire and build investment-grade real estate portfolios based on individual needs. Offerings may be, but not limited to:

Apartment complexes
• Office space
• Light industrial and or retail space

We concentrate on properties that are not on the open market. Because so many investors have different ways of evaluating an offering and each property differs, we ask you to fill out our brief questionnaire below to better understand your goals.

Our initial offering is an off-the-market package consisting of 3 apartment complexes comprised of 1,016 units in the Tri-state New York region. There is existing financing in place that can be assumable. This package is offered at 103,500,000.00 USD. This package may be expanded. Please inquire by contacting for more information.

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