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- Gitras, Inc.

Products We Need

dore barsIn order to meet constant and growing demand from our customers, we are always in need for more of the following products, directly from sellers/master distributors.(Brokers to abstain, please!) and at most competitive prices and terms:

- petroleum products : D6, D2, M100, JP54, FOB Rotterdam and Houston and CIF aswp

- iron ore, Fe 64.5%

-copper cathodes 99.99% , grade A, LME and non-LME registered from Africa, Latin America or Eatern Europe

-HMS 1, HMS 1&2, used rails R50-R65

-iron ore from Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Indonesia and Peru, (64.5% Fe) on FOB and CIF basis; sellers must be mining companies and accept non-transferable RDLC and mine visit after contract signing but before L/C opening

-manganese ore 40-42%

-chrome ore

-petroleum refined products: D6, D2 and jet fuel Colonial JP5 and Jet A1, LPG, LNG, CST-180, mazout M-100, BLCO, REBCO, SLCO for majors and non-majors. Spot with R&E; CI+DIP+PAY procedures

-steel billets

-coking, steam , metallurgical  and petroleum coke.

-agricultural commodities: sugar ICUMSA 45, urea 46, DAP, wheat, yellow corn #2, soy beans, feed barley, white long grain rice and whole and skimmed milk powder, frozen Halal chickens

-Portland Ordinary Cement 42.5R

-Marlboro cigarettes  made in Switzerland and USA from direct licensed PM distributors /agents only

-solar and wind power energy producing consumer products.

-gold, dore bars, dust and gold bullion, bank to bank, Swiss procedures

- rough diamonds delivered to New York or Geneva

-platinum 999.5%, bank to bank procedures

-silver 999.5%

rough diamonds presently in Switzerland or USA, Brinks procedures

-aluminum ingots

-Apple iphones  4S, 5S,6S  (euro and US specs, never locked),

-Frozen Halal chicken, parts and whole

Only direct sellers or their official mandates are invited to join forces with us to gain access to our worldwide customer base for long term relationship. If you are interested, please contact us today and get access to new markets and customers!