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Beat the competition and improve your bottom line
by partnering with Gitras, Inc.
We specialize in the worldwide trade of Commodities. Our main focus is on critical sectors of World Economy:
  • Crude oil and petroleum products (D2, jet fuel, M100, LPG, LNG, CST 180, gasoline…)
  • Metal and mining: iron ore, scrap metal (HMS 1&2 and used rails), manganese ore, copper cathodes, gold, rough diamonds, cement and steel billets.
  • Agriculture Commodities: food (wheat, rice, soya beans, corn, vegetable oils, milk, frozen chicken...) and fertilizers (urea and DAP)
  • Solar/wind powered products
Partnering with us offers several key advantages:

Direct relationship with major world exporters and importers without brokers’ chain
Access to latest information on availability and prices of commodities
Penetration and expansion into new markets
Competitive prices and terms and conditions

Please follow the following 4 easy steps to proceed with your order:

  1. Review our hot deals listed in the different categories highlighted above and decide which of our offers meet your needs.
  2. Read and follow our procedures.
  3. Contact us to place your order, ask for additional information or to be out on our distribution list of products you may need but are not currently listed in our website.
  4. If you are an end-seller of the products we need, send us your soft offers.

Our top objective is to provide you with real value
and high service quality in order to better serve you!

- Gitras, Inc.