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Our top objective is to provide you with real value and high service quality in order to better serve you!

- Gitras, Inc.

Company Profile

Established in 1987 in London, Gitras, inc. was incorporated in the USA in 1995 and has since then developed an impressive customer base of both suppliers and buyers.

We specialize in facilitating the international trade of commodities in critical sectors of world economy: energy, construction, metal and mining and agriculture where demand is constant or growing across economic cycles and represents areas of opportunity for business growth and profitability.

"..we would like to know how you make money with such low prices?..."
Robert Williams, NY, USA

Our objective is to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers by offering to them the most competitive deals that are aimed toward the improvement of your business bottom line. We achieve this objective by:
  • Focusing on providing our customers with real value and high quality service in order to meet/exceed their expectation.
  • Leveraging our network of more than one hundred local representatives and trade associations to generate the most competitive business opportunities and most up to date information for our customers across the world.

We look forward to working with you and to establishing solid and long-term relationship to our mutual benefit.

"...partnership with you has made a mountain of positive difference to our bottom line; thumbs up to you!"
Lin Chiu, Shanghai, China